Welcome to Beauty by Kate

Body Treatments, Waxing & Tanning

Back Treatment (45 minutes) - £30.00
An excellent deep cleansing treatment for the hard to reach areas, designed to aid in preventing and removing acne and congestion. The treatment is combined with a relaxing massage to relieve stress and tension.

Full Body Exfoliation (30 minutes) - £20.00
Excellent treatment before many treatments like waxing and tanning or as a prep for holiday. The effects will deep cleanse the skin and free trapped ingrown hairs. The results will keep skin looking clean, smooth and silky soft, remove daily toxins and waste to ensure spots are kept away.

LAUREN'S WAY Airbrush Tanning (30 minutes) - £25.00
Lauren Goodger has lunched the perfect tanning products to give you the ultimate beach bronzed skin.The airbrush application reduces all the possible risks of streaks, results giving an all over flawless, bronzed tan. The quick treatment only takes approximately 20 minutes and just a few minutes to dry. The colour instantly shows and continues to develop over a few hours. The tan will last up to 5-7 days.

For best result, exfoliate skin a day before the treatment, avoid perfumed products and deodorants on a day of treatment and wear dark loose clothes, flip flops and at least clear nail varnish on nails and toenails. Wash it off following morning and moisturise on daily basis to prolong lasting of a tan.

Waxing treatments
Hair removal using the best quality hygienic warm/hot stripless wax method - lasts 4-6 weeks.
Lower half leg - £15.00
Top half Leg - £20.00
Three-quarter leg - £20.00
Full leg - £25.00
Bikini line - £20.00
Brazilian (very deep bikini wax, leaving a strip of hair on the front) - £30.00
Hollywood (all hair off from bikini) - £30.00
Half arm - £15.00
Full arm - £20.00
Back - £20.00
Chest - £20.00
Abdomen - £5.00
Eyebrows - £8.00
Lip, chin, cheeks - each area £5.00

Slim Wraps (1 hour 45 minutes) - £35.00
The easy, effective way of losing unwanted inches. We take your measures and record on a chart, then apply a slimming, firming and detoxifying gel into the problem area and wrap you up firmly with thermal bandages. You will be relaxing and laying down under a heating blanket for an hour. When we measure you again afterwards you can see reduction of inches straight away, your body will feel firmer and tighter. A choice of full or half body wrap available.