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We offer a various types of professional body massages to meet your needs. Everyone will benefit from a massage who is busy, works hard, has kids, stress out, had any injury, operation or just want to relax, distress, drift away. All massages will improve your blood circulation, release tension, relax and distress. Lovely experience in a relaxing atmosphere with calming music in background and candles around a room.

Cobido Lifting Face Massage (1h) – £50, (30min) – £35

Full Body Massage (1h) – £55
Professional relaxing full body massage that can be adapted to suit your required needs. Includes a massage of arms, legs, abdomen, back of the legs, back, neck and shoulders.

Back and Shoulder Massage (30min) – £33
The beneficial professional massage to release the stress and tension of your shoulders and to relax you.

Indian Head Massage (45min) – £44
This treatment includes stimulating massage on the upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face. All the most popular places to interpret pressure point massage to relieve stress and tension.

Reflexology foot massage (30min) – £33

This treatment is a specialised foot massage, which is designed to re-balance the body and aid in relieving the stress and tension of our lifestyles. Very relaxing, distressing treatment includes refreshing feet in the foot spa with a massager. On our feet they are some reflex zones that mirror our internal organs. If there is a problem area, therapist will feel a crystal deposit under a skin on clients skin. It is recommended to have reflexology treatment on regular basis to help get rid of the crystals and to bring the organ back to balance. Your feet will feel very soft and relaxed the whole body will be balanced.

Stone Therapy Massage (30min) – £44
Involves massaging with warm stones on the back and shoulder area to heat up the muscles and help ease the tension. The treatment gives a relaxing, deep and nurturing massage without giving you a pain. It is 5 to 10 times more effective that a manual massage. It simulates organs, increases metabolism, improves blood circulation and is detoxifying.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – £33
A firm and effective legs massage  that reducing cellulite and fluid retention, continual and regular treatment that helps speed up removal of toxins from the body. The massage will help break down unwanted areas of fat. A course of 10 treatments is advised and can also be adapted to ensure it is convenient for you.

Aromatherapy Oils – £2
Have the option to use aromatherapy oils to enhance your treatments and to achieve the desired sense of well-being. You can have oils specially blended for you. Ask therapist to recommend something to distress, relax or stimulate, energise you or to release aches & pains.